About Bee


Hello beautiful,

 welcome to Accentuated by Bee!

My name is Brittany Simmons and I am a freelance makeup artist based in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas! I began playing around in makeup in January of 2014. Soon after, I started watching YouTube makeup tutorials to advance my skill. As time progressed, I got better with my craft. I received so much positive feedback and eventually, I started receiving requests for my makeup services. 

On January 26, 2017 I launched Accentuated by Bee. I’ve always been that girl who finds great satisfaction in helping others feel good about themselves. It is truly an exhilarating moment when I get to witness others gain confidence in their looks from my services. The mission of Accentuated by Bee is not to cover up the natural beauty of an individual but, to instead, accentuate it through the use of makeup.